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Сток стерджесс без смущения фото

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Сток Стерджесс Без Смущения Фото

Act of disobedience. The exhibition act of disobedience.

The body as protest in the kharkov photography 1970-2010 at the lumiere brothers center for photography shows the independent kharkov photography scene through the prism of one of the key themes both in classical and contemporary art – the body. In the works assembled in this project the body is not a subject for routine parlour exercise, a fetish or an object of mass visual consumption anymore, but a tool for a ‘strike’, a critical philosophical statement. The famous ‘strike theory’ was formulated by the creative group ‘time’, founded in 1972 by yuri rupin and evgeny pavlov. This group united the most progressive, albeit very different, photographers of that time: boris mikhailov, oleg malevannyi, alexander suprun, and others. Authors from the new generation, such as roman pyatkovka and sergey solonsky, also followed the guidelines of the ‘time’ group. The strikes produced by their photography destroyed the stereotypes, revealed the paradoxes of the soviet reality, and expanded the limits of the allowed. Acknowledging their fathers, the younger generation (represented in this exhibition by the groups ‘shilo’ and ‘boba-group’ that have already struck the art scene) continues to fight the chimeras of nowadays. The art by all of the exhibition participants should be viewed as no other than an act of disobedience to the machine с рио де жанейро фото с названиями of the state, to social boredom, family hypocrisy, artistic narrow-mindedness, and psychological clichés. Пресс релиз.