Search the site: Search. Where do I even begin? I’ve been wrestling with this question for days now on how I should approach my review of Death Stranding for PC. This game, as much a symbolic rise-from-the-ashes for Hideo Kojima as it is an actual one, has been in my head for nigh on a full month. The world breathes life into the stories, the people and more in any compelling story. What is your favorite? On August 10th Silverhelm Studios, as part of the PlayNYC online showcase of games, opened up their game Valiance Online to everyone, so that they could log in and see how far the game has come. Now with the end of the open beta in the rearview mirror, what lasting impressions did Valiance Online leave and will this be a Super Hero title worth waiting for? I finally got my chance to go hands-on with Marvel’s Avengers with this weekend’s beta and ultimately it’s been a mixed bag of highs and lows for me so far. EVE Echoes is finally live, and we got an opportunity to explore the void between stars a few days ahead of the rest of you capsuleers and these are our impressions of EVE Echoes.

Mercenary Kings Review

Shadowgrounds has co-operative multiplayer on the same computer for players. Having more than one player in the game requires the use of gamepads. Other players will help Wesley Tyler in his alien-battling. The co-op mode was added very late in the development, as an extra bonus to fans and gamers.

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The Microsoft Xbox One game console might have surpassed 5 million units sold , but only managed to ship 1. Astonishingly, the older Xbox outsold the Xbox One for the quarter, as Microsoft continues to struggle to woo consumers to buy its newest game console. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella understands how important the Xbox One is – not just for gaming – but Microsoft’s effort to try and take over the living room. However, Microsoft’s pledge to continue to provide Xbox support for the next few years might convince gamers to stick with the older console, rather than rush to upgrade.

Meanwhile, Sony is having trouble keeping its top retail partners stocked with the PS4, as the Japanese company topped 7 million units sold. Moving forward, Microsoft will have to shake up its Xbox One bundle further, as Titanfall – which has sold fairly well – didn’t lead to a massive sales increase that game analysts warned Microsoft might not see. Nintendo has announced a new video game that will launch on the 3DS portable game console early next month called Mario Golf: World Tour.

The official launch date for that game is May 2 and it will be supported on the Nintendo 2DS as well. At launch, the game will ship with ten golf courses to choose from. Those ten courses will have holes for gamers to play through. Nintendo is also building in a number of multiplayer modes including regional and worldwide tournaments.

Ask an indie developer: What game inspired you to go indie?

Nothing like a big tease sitting there in the inbox for reveal first thing Monday morning. Well, almost first thing. Or not, depending on which day you deiced to google this bit of info. Far Cry 4 devs trek dangerous paths in latest video. FIFA 15 video is all about ball control. F1 is not coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

the game, and finding those who meet your criteria, most typically for marriage matchmaking. Oct 25, · Crusader Kings 2 on Mac: Is it worth it? In this frantic 2D action game, you are part of the Mercenary Kings, the most skilled team.

For Indie Week at GamesRadar, we reached out to some of the biggest names in the independent development scene for their opinions. But these people werent always luminaries of home grown gaming. And we had to ask ourselves what game, if any , inspired them to make a game of their own? For some there was no one game that pushed them in, for others theres a direction connection to playing something in their youth to making games on their own.

Take a look and see if any of your favorite devs pulled direct inspiration from one of your favorite titles Ive been dreaming of doing this for years, so its probably a combination of games from my childhood that inspired me. I mean, wanting to make games like the ones I grew up with was a huge driving force for me. Mega Man 2 is probably the game that inspired me the most, and if youve read the story behind that game, you can almost consider it as an indie game. I’m a huge fan of all their work, and I realized that while working in AAA I was never going to be able to make a cute, fun 2D game like that.

That game and my love of Advance Wars was the kick-off for Skulls of the Shogun! I think it’s not really the inspiration to be indie, but the inspiration to create something that moves people and make their life better. For us, it was a series of games that we played like crazy when we were kids–Sonic, Micro Machines, Mario.

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Remember the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? The World: The Videogame. Tribute, the same people whose work was featured in a movie about fighting and violence combined with humor, brings to the public Mercenary Kings , a Kickstarted video game with violence combined with humor. So, will Mercenary Kings be a crowning achievement, or will it be laughed out of the court?

The story centers around a group of mercenaries called the KINGS who are helping a resistance overthrow the evil KLAW corporation, which notoriously performs research on biological weapons and machines that have a knack for killing things like people. If this plot sounds familiar, then you might remember it from the Big Book of Cliched Plots. Mercenary Kings attempts to satirize general tropes of action games with cutscenes that look like a pixelated version of the codec from Metal Gear Solid.

The game has some good humor, but like the robot dog with butt cannons that happens to be controlled by a dog, it never really sticks around. Also, while the game does have some hits, it also has many more misses due to the lack of potential without the inclusion of voice acting.

Mercenary Kings

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As she raises the blade above her head, its markings glowing with magic, the significance of the moment is palpable. With her first swing, Nimue beheads a wolf — and promptly gets the sword stuck in the stone she is standing on. She has to pull it out before she is able to continue defending herself. The premise of this origin story is that before King Arthur and his famous adventures, the sword meant for the one true king was wielded by a queen.

A controversial Netflix show took on police in schools. It left one advocate in tears.

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Zenith (Alpha). Platforms: PC. Crusader Kings III. RPG. Votes Req. Crusader Kings III (Development). Platforms: PC. Marvel’s Avengers. Action RPG. Votes Req.

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Tanzim Pardiwalla Loves obsessing over pop culture trends that direct our lives. The writer is an entertainment junkie, film critic, music geek and a full-time curator of taste. And honestly, it should be canon! Check out the sneak peek of their adventure inside.

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Mixed or average reviews – based on Ratings. Please sign in or create an account before writing a review. Mixed or average reviews – based on 25 Critic Reviews. Mercenary Kings PlayStation 4. User Score. User score distribution:. Positive: 80 out of Mixed: 77 out of Negative: 72 out of Review this game. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Mercenary Kings.

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Well, that’s what you get for playing it on the ShitStation 4. You should have played the PC version and saved yourself the trouble, but then again, this blog is devoted to you bitching about nothing and wanting money out of it. Well thank you so much for the input! Especially those with such an concise and unbiased opinion such as yourself! Just knowing you took valuable time to give your input is all the payment I need! Thank you for reading! Saturday, May 3, Mercenary Kings: Kickstarting about 5 games into one package.

Around Xmas time I would occasionally pop onto places like amazon or whatnot and look at the crazy flash deals since most people don’t get me games or such. I was looking at the massively discounted price for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and on a whim got a few years of it, keeping me up to date for the next few years. What I have come to learn having never had this service until recently, is that the free games you get you keep as long as you keep the subscription.

Pat Stares at Mercenary Kings